No more nine to five

Caroline Swain, Partner, Matrimonial and Family Law comments on the success of BPS Law and why working nine to five just won’t cut it.

At BPS we’re close to celebrating our sixth anniversary and I believe we wouldn’t be in this position if we hadn’t stepped outside usual office hours and started to work around our clients. We’ve enjoyed such a strong period of growth because of our unique commitment to customer service and care.

From the outset we wanted to offer an accessible and dependable service which focused on the family. I believe this has been the key to our success.


Working around people and being adaptable is what makes our service stand out. Most people don’t work nine to five and at BPS we understand this. Myself and the other partners are always on hand to answer calls outside office hours.

As a working mother with two young children I understand the need for flexibility. I’m around to answer calls in the evening and at weekends. I pride myself in putting clients first and I want to be there to help – whatever the hour.


When you’re going through a difficult divorce or family matter, consistency from your lawyer is key. Working with a solicitor who knows the case and has built it up from the start gives clients peace of mind and trust.

I ensure consistency for my clients. During difficult times having someone who has been with you from the start of the case and who will be with you until the final outcome gives clients confidence in our services.


I find that a lot of family departments in legal firms focus on the break-up of couples or families. At BPS we didn’t want to be like that – we pride ourselves in offering a compassionate and caring service.

As a divorce lawyer I’m aware of the strong association family law has with ‘divorce’ and ‘making money out of misery’. I feel that our work shows that isn’t that case – we put the holistic situation for any family first – to us this is what matters most and this is our passion.

If you’re looking for a family lawyer, then you can get in touch with Caroline at or by telephone on 0161 926 1430.