Family Law Solicitor in Croft

Family Law Solicitor in CroftAt BPS, you will find the best family law solicitor in Croft. Family law cases can range from relatively benign settlements to outright disputes, and as such, it’s best to have a good solicitor on your side, representing your case. As any familial dispute, cases involving family law can be draining, drawn out, and stressful, but a good solicitor can help ease the transition into a settlement, ensuring that all parties involved receive a fair hearing. It’s also important to understand your rights whenever dealing with a court, in order to have the best possible outcome.

So for all of the residents in Croft, family law solicitor BPS is the perfect firm to settle legal issues regarding the family. In terms of the services themselves, BPS handles divorces, matrimonial finance, pre-nuptial agreements, children disputes, co-habitation disputes, enforcement of court orders, contested probates, inquests, and court protection/power of attorney issues. All services are approached with compassion in mind, and with the application of years of experience and legal expertise. Each client will receive a personal service, attuned to both their emotional and legal needs.

However, as you may have noticed in the list of services, not all the cases handled by this family law solicitor in Croft are of a purely legal nature. Cases that involve matrimonial finance are more complex, especially with high net worth families, due to the financial aspect. Some lawsuits might involve the splitting of many assets such as company structures, trusts, pensions, offshore investments and other complex arrangements. These cases usually follow the initial petition for divorce, as they are the next step in achieving settlement. Once the process is underway, a financial disclosure will begin, and our legal team will carefully analyse the documents that you will provide us. The disclosure itself is handled using a standard from called Form E, which is the same regardless of the actual financial status of the family. It is a long form that will require supporting evidence for all of the assets, liabilities, pensions and income declarations that your write down. Don’t worry though, if you have any questions, contact us today and we will guide you through the process. A supportive solicitor can help you make it through this tough time.