Family Solicitor in Cheadle

Family Solicitor in CheadleOur family solicitor in Cheadle can efficiently deal with any legal problems involving close relatives. This could be a divorce or child disputes. There is no need to get into a state when there is disagreement of any sort in the family. A cool head and an excellent family solicitor will sort out the problem quickly and effectively. In the case of a divorce you will want to have the best solicitor to ensure your rights are taken care of and especially the rights of your children. Our solicitors will keep you informed through every step of the process so that there are no unexpected surprises. You need not be married to seek help with a cohabitation dispute. This form of relationship is increasingly popular and where there is a separation there are many financial and often child support agreements to attend to.

If you have an elderly parent that can no longer take care of their finances in Cheadle, family solicitor advice and representation can ensure the court provides protection for them. This can take the form of an Order of the Court. They are responsible for deciding whether someone has the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. A deputy is usually appointed to make ongoing decisions for them. We handle urgent or emergency applications on your behalf where time is of the essence. An elderly relative may be refusing urgent medical care or parting with their money in an irresponsible fashion which may leave them destitute.

There will be times when you need the urgent advice of a good family solicitor in Cheadle. Contact BPS Family Law today to make an appointment to speak to one of our highly qualified and very experienced family lawyers. BPS Family Law firm have been practicing law with excellence since 1948. In that time they have provided advice and support at sensitive and emotionally pressured times to all their clients. We approach each case with a sympathetic ear and a robust pragmatic, yet personal touch.