Child Solicitor in Bowdon

Child Solicitor in BowdonIf you work with children, you might require a child solicitor in Bowdon.Many people assume kids only need lawyers during divorce proceedings – and we’re available in that scenario. But there are lots of other situations where a child may need legal representation. In more litigious places (like the US), kids and adults sue one another on a whim. We’re a little more conservative on this side of the pond, but we do run into tussles on occasion. The usual situation is when parents are battling for custody or child support. In such cases, our solicitors champion the children, because they’re often forgotten in the mess.

For people who live and work in Bowdon, a child solicitor making such a claim may seem strange. In reality, parents often start out from a point of contention. They’re stressed and hurting, and might forget that in the process of besting their partners, they’re harming their kids. Our family law practice has over 60 years of experience with children’s law, and we do our best to get positive outcomes for little ones. Apart from who gets to live with the kids, other issues are financial support and social issues. For example, you children may want to stay in their current school despite the divorce. Our lawyers can mediate with the parents.

Situations that require a child solicitor in Bowdon range from the complex to the mundane. In cases of adoption, lawyers get involved, but a child may need their name changed for other reasons. They may want to acquire a step-parent’s name, or it may be a gender issue. Troubled kids may need assistance in criminal court, and child prodigies may want assistance registering their young companies or patenting their inventions. Contact BPS Family Law, as we’re familiar with these and other issues regarding Generation Z (and beyond). So whether you’re dealing with matters iGen or you want to make your child a CEO, give us a ring and we’ll proudly represent them.