Family Solicitor in Handforth

Family Solicitor in HandforthBeing established with a family solicitor in Handforth helps relieve a bit of stress during a family crisis. When you don’t know anything else to do, you at least know who to call. BPS Family Law is our well established and respected family law firm with offices in 3 locations to serve you. We endeavour to provide our clients with attentive service so we make ourselves available when necessary to meet with you outside of office hours and also outside our offices. If a disability prevents your visiting one of our offices, we can certainly come to your home. Our staff is experienced and compassionate. When you call us in crisis, ours is the cool head that prevails and will confirm your rights and our plan to protect those rights.

Often during divorce or separation important family members are left without representation. For children in Handforth, family solicitor BPS Family Law can represent the children of a contentious divorce. Our staff is trained in communication with older children but for children of all ages their best interest is always our priority. Having their own solicitor will prevent the conflict of interest. When we speak before the judge, we speak only on behalf of the child. Grandparents often feel they have no rights of access to their grandchildren after divorce and with good reason. It’s possible for grandparents to petition the court for contact with your grandchildren but it’s difficult. Progress is being made by the family justice system to make access easier.

For Grandparents, BPS Family Solicitor in Handforth is equipped with the knowledge and experience needed when you feel it’s time to intervene for the sake of the children. Perhaps you feel the children should reside with you until the parent’s disputes are resolved. You may even wish to request guardianship of the children. Contact BPS Family Law as we are here to represent all family members and advocate for them when needed. Grandparents and children rights must not be overlooked during a divorce. According to research, 40% of grandparents lose their relationship with their grandchildren when the parents split. That is a sad statistic for both grandchildren and grandparents. We’ll help you fight for your rights.