Divorce Lawyer in Wilmslow

Divorce Lawyer in WilmslowWhen you are facing a messy break-up, a divorce lawyer in Wilmslow will be an excellent source of support. At BPS Family Law, we know first-hand how difficult the divorce process can be. It not only affects the couple but their families as well. Without appropriate representation, you and your spouse can engage in long and drawn out legal battles. Lack of legal help can also cost you a substantial amount of money. You may also lose many of your personal prized possessions in a divorce such as your home, car, jewellery, properties and even your pet dog! If children are involved, the question of custody also comes into play. But rest assured, a BPS Family Law lawyer is here to help.

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways in Wilmslow, divorce lawyer services are essential for a fair representation. Our divorce solicitors have more than six decades of combined experience. A divorce is a turbulent time for everyone involved, and this is why we are committed to providing you with a personalised service. Our team at BPS Family Law can manage many parts of the divorce including a financial separation. To help make legal services affordable and accessible, we offer three modes of payment: fixed fee structures, structured payments or payment at the end. This helps ensure that cost is not a hindrance when hiring the best legal representation. At our first meeting with you, we will attempt to understand the grounds of your divorce. Know that even though you might be separated from your spouse, you can only start divorce proceedings if you’ve been married for a minimum of one year. After this, you must provide proof that your marriage has broken down based on one of several grounds such as adultery or desertion.

If you are facing a messy breakup, a divorce lawyer in Wilmslow is available to assist you with the correct guidance. For more information, contact BPS Family Law today. We can also assist you with children disputes, cohabitation disputes and pre-nuptial agreements.