Family Solicitor in Bramhall

Family Solicitor in LymmMost everyone needs a family solicitor in Bramhall at some point during their life. At BPS Family Law, we have been assisting our clients with family matters for over 80 years. That’s a lot of experience for our attorneys to draw from and add to their own considerable talents and knowledge. Family law is sensitive because situations that would be simply legal issues outside of family are now made more complex due to emotions. Our staff is compassionate and empathetic but our professionalism and composure is exactly what you need in such circumstances. We are obligated to secure the best possible outcome for our clients and dedicated to that goal. During our initial consultation with our clients we outline reasonable expectations.

Family law is not just divorce law, although we successfully represent the interests of many clients in that situation. In Bramhall, family solicitor BPS  work to make sure our divorcing clients are never at a disadvantage and receive fair and legal outcomes. Child custody is a legal dispute separate from divorce. When divorcing parents are not able to reach an agreement over child care and custody by themselves, we serve to represent your interests. Grandparents of the non-custodial parent often find themselves dismissed from contact with their grandchildren. There is recourse and we can help restore visitation rights. We will also provide the legal assistance needed should an injunction be needed to prevent certain actions by your ex including financial issues. We oversee that court orders are enforced and financial disclosure is complete.

Our family solicitor in Bramhall at BPS Family Law is skilled and experienced in legal issues that present near and at the end of a family members life. We will prepare a Power of Attorney and Court Protection should you or a family member lose mental capacity to manage their own affairs. Another all too common family law issue is contested probate where disputes can become highly emotional. Contact BPS Family Law and rely on us to represent your best interests in all areas of family law. Our services include dissolution petition for civil partnerships and cohabitation disputes. It’s good to plan ahead so let us prepare your prenuptial agreement or cohabitation and civil partnership agreements at the outset of your relationship.