Family Solicitor in Knutsford

Family Solicitor in KnutsfordFor the best family solicitor in Knutsford, you can rely on BPS Family Law. After getting married and starting a family, most couples foresee a future of growing old together. Unfortunately, no one ever expects a divorce or a separation.  An average of 30% of marriages globally end in divorce or separation. The parties in a divorce vary from young couples and old couples to childless marriage partners and couples with large families. Grounds for divorce include adultery, unreasonable behaviour, and desertion.  Moreover, if you have lived apart for two years and you both consent to a divorce, the grounds are valid. Staying five years apart is also enough grounds for divorce regardless of a mutual consent. Although adultery is the most common grounds for divorce, it’s the hardest to prove unless your partner admits to all assertions.

Just as marriage has a legal identity, divorce follows a legal process. In Knutsford, a family solicitor is an asset when it comes to divorce. Most divorce cases proceed to court. BPS Family Law has some of the best lawyers to ensure your divorce proceedings go smoothly. We review each case thoroughly to establish strong grounds for divorce and the best settlement for your circumstance. Our lawyers take a personalised approach to make certain you get the best service and the best representation in court.

When it comes down to legal paper work, a family solicitor in Knusford is the most trusted person for the job. Divorce involves an intense legal process where everything must be done right. Since the outcome often comprises child custody, child support, property and wealth settlements, we have to get it right.  Our experience in handling family law sets us apart from other legal firms. We provide reliable and sound advice with realistic goals and targets. To us, a divorce is more than mere court sessions, we understand the emotional and psychological burden it carries hence our unique personalised approach. Contact us today and get the best legal team behind you. Divorce is not easy but we can make it easier.