Divorce Lawyer in Bowdon

Divorce Lawyer in BowdonYour divorce lawyer in Bowdon is committed to getting your best financial settlement in a divorce. Divorce impacts all areas of your life and finances can be a stumbling block to an amicable settlement. Money, as you may know, is a major topic of discourse in a marriage. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when the argument continues right through to divorce financial settlement. The law says assets must be fairly divided. Our job in these matters is to define “fairly” from your perspective before the judge. In order to do that, both sides must present a detailed accounting of their assets. One spouse may know for a year they plan to file for divorce. During that year there may be an attempt to secret funds and assets into an individual account. That activity is illegal and almost always found out.

The law says assets are to be divided equally in a divorce unless one side has greater need. In Bowdon, divorce lawyer professionals from BPS Family Law will negotiate on your behalf. If one spouse does not agree to a fair distribution of assets then the court will make the decision and both spouses will be bound by the court ordered settlement. Who is the one with the disproportionate need? Usually, that would be the custodial parent of young children. That parent has the expense of housing, feeding, clothing and educating the children. For instance, the custodial parent may get to keep the house until the children are grown. The noncustodial parent may have to continue paying a share of the mortgage and household expenses.

In an attempt to reach a financial settlement, your divorce lawyer in Bowdon will negotiate on your behalf. The court will encourage all parties involved to negotiate until a settlement is reached. Only when there is an impasse and attorneys agree communication has broken down does the court take over. Parties to the lawsuit must be made aware that the court ordered financial division will stand. As soon as you file for divorce you should begin accumulating your proofs of assets and be prepared to share them with both attorneys and the court. Contact us and meet with one of our professional experienced lawyers. We are committed to our clients’ best interests. Our negotiating skills are well known and respected.