Family Solicitor in Culcheth

Family Solicitor in CulchethBecause divorce impacts all areas of your life, a family solicitor in Culcheth may still be needed after the divorce is finalised. Child custody is not decided in divorce court. This is an entirely different area of family law. BPS Family Law have professionals who specialise in this area of law. We encourage both parents to work out an amicable agreement themselves. When both parents have the best interest of the child at heart, those agreements are possible. When there is disagreement the parents each need their own attorney to represent their interest before a judge. In such cases, it is common to appoint an unbiased lawyer to represent the child. The solicitors will bring the matter before the court and a decision is made based on information from various sources. All parties are legally bound to honour that court decision.

The legal agreement for child custody is in place and works until it doesn’t. That’s when you need, in Culcheth, family solicitor services again. One common complaint is unpaid child support. When nothing else works, taking the offending party back to court is often the only option. Another common complaint is abuse of visiting privileges. Perhaps one parent fails to pick the child up or return according to schedule. Or, the custodial parent refuses to make the child available to the other. The non-custodial parent may seek to take the child out of the country for a vacation against the will of the custodial parent. You may need an injunction to prevent that action. Our solicitors are well equipped and experienced with the legal proceedings that will result in compliance of the original custody agreement.

Our family solicitor in Culcheth professionals are sometimes called upon by grandparents.  In some cases, their rights to spend time with their grandchildren have been side-lined. The custodial parent may not feel the grandparents have any rights. If you are that grandparent, call our team of family solicitors. You do have rights and we would be pleased to meet with you and explain the extent of those rights. In the eyes of the law, the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren should be preserved. Divorce impacts the whole family. Our goal is to represent the interests of our clients and preserve their security and well-being. The laws are there to insure that each of us as individuals are treated fairly. We’ve been here since 1948, making sure the laws work in the best interest of our clients.