Professional Divorce Lawyer in Lymm from an Expert Team

divorce lawyer in LymmIf you need the services of a divorce lawyer in Lymm, you’ll be pleased to know that you can rely on our expert team. A divorce can be a challenging time, especially if there are children born of the marriage. While some couples can end their relationship amicably, it is always recommended that you use the expertise and the guidance of a professional divorce lawyer. This is so that your rights are protected, and that the best outcomes for all concerned are reached.

When you and your spouse have decided to part ways in Lymm, a divorce lawyer can help you protect your rights. A divorce involves the splitting of the assets, and if this is not properly mediated, can result in a petty tug of war with bitter recriminations.  A divorce can only take place if you have been legally married for one year. You will also needs to prove grounds for a divorce. These can include adultery, unreasonable behaviour,  your partner has left you and you’ve lived apart for at least 2 years in total – this is known as ‘desertion’, or you’ve lived apart for at least 2 years and you both agree to the divorce. Your divorce lawyer will be able to guide you through the process. Our team has the legal expertise to help you secure the future of your children and safeguard your property and financial assets during and after a divorce.

The professional services of a divorce lawyer in Lymm are available when you contact BPS Family Law. Our firm has been practising family law since 1948, providing our clients with expertise, support and advice at a time when they need it most. Widely recognised as leaders in their field, our expert team is available to assist you during this turbulent time. Our process includes a sympathetic ear and a robust pragmatic, yet personal approach, giving you peace of mind that you are represented by experts. We have both the compassion and legal expertise to assist you through this challenging time. Not only are our divorce lawyers experts in their field, they are also committed to offering a personal service to all of our clients.