Family Law in Northwich When sorting out intense family disputes, it is advisable to work with solicitors who understand family law in Northwich. Family law solicitors are the best people to consult when settling family disputes. They can help you understand the legal regulations and requirements you must follow. Family solicitors are valuable whether you are contesting a will or going through a divorce.  Children often get caught up in parental disputes. We act in the best interest of your children. Child solicitors can protect children from traumatic experiences caused by parental disputes.

Approaching a family law firm early improves your chances of a favourable outcome. In Northwich, our family law solicitors ensure that you understand your rights and limitations. Our firm is one of the longest-standing in the region. We have been providing legal support to families in the North West for more than 60 years. As such, we understand the dynamics of family law better than any other firm in the region. We offer professional legal representation with a personal touch. Since our inception in 1948, we have dedicated all our effort to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our services cover all aspects of family law in Northwich. Our services include grandparents’ rights, child abuse, abduction and custody, divorce and financial disclosure. By offering services that support every family member, we can serve you through every stage of life. Our approach has enabled us to support families through multiple generations. As such, after 60 years in service, we are still growing. If you need any family law advice, please call BPS Family Law. We offer telephone and video consultations to all our new and existing clients. Some of the other services we offer include enforcement of court orders, inquests, pre and postnuptial agreements and contested wills.

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