BPS Family Law: The Leading Family Solicitor Company in Woolston

When it comes to family law, the name BPS Family Law resonates with excellence, experience, and high-quality service. Headquartered in Cheshire, this law firm has established a strong presence in Woolston, providing families with reliable legal support.

A Look at BPS Family Law

Founded by the respected Harry Lipson, BPS Family Law boasts over four decades of experience in matrimonial law. Harry Lipson’s expertise is complemented by Partner Caroline Swain, who leads the team with equal competence and dedication. Together, they form an unrivalled advice network for their clients.

Harry and Caroline have distinguished themselves in their field, earning recognition and respect from peers and clients alike. Their combined skills enable the firm to handle a wide range of family disputes with professionalism and sensitivity.

Services Offered in Woolston

  1. Divorce and Matrimonial Finance: BPS Family Law provides expert advice and representation in divorce proceedings, and all matters related to matrimonial finance.
  2. Child Custody and Support: The firm represents parents and grandparents dealing with issues surrounding child custody, support, and visitation rights.
  3. Parental Responsibilities: BPS Family Law assists clients in handling parental responsibilities, including changes in children’s names or schools.

Why Choose BPS Family Law in Woolston

  • Experienced Professionals: Harry Lipson and Caroline Swain are eminent in the field of family law, ensuring you receive top-tier legal counsel.
  • Comprehensive Services: BPS Family Law offers a wide range of services, addressing various aspects of family law.
  • Client-Centric Approach: The firm prioritises its clients, providing them with personalised service and strategic advice.

In conclusion, BPS Family Law is the best family solicitor company operating in Woolston. With its experienced professionals, comprehensive services, and client-centric approach, the firm is well-equipped to handle any family law matter, providing the legal support families need during difficult times.